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EAN-EDU Questions

Essential Questions and How They Are Addressed

Our work envisions a culture influenced by the wisdom and experience of elders from generations past, present ,and “future.” To this end, we deepen and broaden our capacity for conscious awareness, eldering, and networking.

Essential Questions

We continually explore essential questions, such as: 

  • What is the promise of elderhood in the 21st Century?
  • What are the promises we need to make now for the future?
  • How do we educate and inspire a diverse generation of elders to deliver on these promises?
  • How do we lay down the responsibilities of adulthood and take up the responsibilities of elderhood?
  • How can we provide collective disciplines and advocacy to transcend our illusions of separation —from self, diverse sentient beings, and from living Earth processes?   

How We Address Them

  • We coordinate efforts of EAN members and working teams to effectively minimize repetition while maximizing cross-fertilization.
  • We evaluate, invite, and actively endorse curriculum offerings from EAN affiliates willing to share their educational programs.
  • We develop and maintain a feedback loop to continuously improve and enhance content, format, and methodology.
  • We help create and sponsor EAN Core Curriculum to both deepen and expand our collective understanding of the foundational elements of EAN’s Vision and Mission.
  • We coordinate procedural formats for meetings, elder circles, Coaching Circles, Community Conversations, trainings and other EAN-sponsored events to foster consistency, continuity and connectivity for EAN offerings.
  • We coordinate with EAN groups regarding educational elements for our national conferences, journal, newsletter, website, and other EAN outlets as needed.   
  • We assist in developing an online library of resources – books, articles, films, slide shows and more to advance the educational mission of EAN.