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The Center for Conscious Eldering
Invites You to Participate in:



discovering purpose, meaning, and the call to service in the elder third of life


June 24 - 30th at Breitenbush Hot Spring, Oregon
October 1-7 at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

Does the idea of spending a week amid magnificent natural beauty envisioning purpose, passion and growth in your later life chapters stir something in you?  We invite you to join us for this retreat, for people 50 and up—a unique opportunity to learn and experience powerful practices that support your journey toward a conscious elderhood. It includes sharing councils, ceremony, life review and legacy work, dreamwork, and a day of solitude on the land. Participant evaluations of our many previous retreats at Ghost Ranch and Breitenbush have consistently been filled with appreciation for the luxury of unhurried time, strong community, skilled guidance and natural beauty to help envision what it can be like to grow elder rather than just older. Ron Pevny, Director of the Center for Conscious Eldering and author of the book Conscious Living, Conscious will facilitate these retreats, along with longtime co-leaders Anne Wennhold (Ghost Ranch) and Susan Prince (Breitenbush).

For more information and registration details, please visit
For questions, please contact or 970-247-7943.

Ron_and_Ann.pngRon Pevny recognized his calling as a wilderness rite of passage guide in 1979 and ever since has been dedicated to assisting people in creating lives of purpose and passion. He co-created Choosing Conscious Elderhood in 2002, and in 2010 founded the Center for Conscious Eldering as well as becoming a Certified Sage-ing (R) Leader. He is author of the new book Conscious Living, Conscious Aging from Beyond Words/Atria Books.

What Participants Have to Say:

I can’t begin to tell you how much the Choosing Conscious Elderhood retreat meant to me. You (Ron and Anne) were both spectacular in your ability to hold the space for the mystery to unfold. Your passion and commitment for this work was so very clear to me and I’m sure to everyone in the group. The degree to which I felt safe, cared for, looked after and encouraged was exactly what I needed. The work itself, and particularly the rituals, drumming, poetry and my solo day were all critical pieces of the puzzle designed to move me forward. I guess one could say this week was the perfect storm of kindness, love, compassion and place. Cathy Carmody, 2012 Choosing Conscious Elderhood participant

QUESTIONS? Call Ron Pevny 970-247-7943