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Elder Activists for Social Justice Community Conversation and Team Meeting

Thursday, May 18th at 10 to 11:30 am Pacific time, 1 to 2:30 pm Eastern time via Zoom conferencing

The first hour of our meeting will be a time to explore our cultural, family, and personal identifications, as part of our effort to understand how circumstances shape and limit our worldviews. We welcome newcomers to CEN as well as seasoned EASJ friends to engage in meaningful conversation.

The following questions may help you explore your own story prior to the meeting.  Some questions may be more meaningful to you than others.  During our meeting, everyone will have the opportunity to share responses to the three or four questions that seemed most important.

From what ancestral lineages do you come? With what culture or nationality does your family identify?

In what year were you born? Your life has a particular historical context.  

What were the circumstances of your birthing? In hospital, home, birth center- drugs, breech, breastfed?

In what place were you born? Country? A town or a city, or in a rural area, or on a farm or ranch? Which parts of the Earth’s body first greeted your eyes?

What skin color and ethnicity were you given for this lifetime? The privileges and privations resulting from these circumstances helped prepare you for the work you have come to do.  

With what land and geography does you and your family identify?  E.g. mountains, desert, prairies, coastal areas...

What socio-economic conditions were you born and raised in?  How did scarcity or affluence, or periods of both, affect you and the people around you?

Into what faith tradition — or lack of same — were you born? Religious stories and images from childhood — or the very lack of these — can influence how you see your purpose and carry it out.

Which gender is yours for this lifetime? And what sexual orientation? How have these identities—and society’s response to them—contributed to who you are today?

What was your family like? What man is your father? What woman your mother? For some of you, this means your adoptive parents or foster parents or other caregivers, as well as your birth parents. If you received mostly loving care from them, how did that shape you?   If you received mostly abuse or neglect, what strengths did you develop in order to survive?

Are you an only child or do you have siblings in this life? The companionship, competition, loneliness, or autonomy that you knew in your family fostered the unique blend of strengths you bring to your world.

What disabilities came with this life of yours? Challenges of body or mind bring their own strengths and resilience.   

Other preparation suggested:

Watch a 3 minute video of Molly Arthur telling her story.

The second half hour of the call will be our monthly “business meeting.”  We will review the CEN Declaration on Doctrine of Discovery and engage one another in bringing this Declaration to our CEN community and share the resources to support further understanding.  ALL are invited into this exciting discussion where we work together to get into action, as individuals and as an organization. Also, we will talk about our EASJ proposal to hold a public Webinar and a workshops on the West and East Coasts ( in person!) in the Fall.



1:00   10 min.              Welcome and Settling In                                Molly Brown     

Intention of Conversation / Guidelines for online community                                    -                                  

1:10   10 min.              Introductions and Check-ins                           Molly Arthur       

Share name and one of your ancestors names that is part of your Ancestral Story

1:20   10 min.              Molly Arthur will share her story, first showing her 3 minute video

1:30  Rounds of Conversation with EASJ members/friends sharing their Stories, using the questions as guidelines.                       

1:50   10 min.              Closing Sharing              whole group             Molly Brown

2:00   5 minutes BREAK

2:05   EASJ Business Meeting                                                           Molly and Molly

  • CEN Declaration on the Doctrine of Discovery- How publicize?
    • SEND proposed CEN Declaration to EASJ mailing list with technical ability to sign, ask question(s), add comment- what else?
  • OFFER in the Fall - Zoom platform Webinar on Understanding the Doctrine of Discovery: Impact on Native Peoples and Its Legacy Today- how best publicize?
  • OFFER in the Fall -WORKSHOPs on East Coast and West Coast- Roots of Injustice, Seeds of Peace: Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples

2:30     Next Monthly Community Conversation –3rd Thursday, THURSDAY, June 15, 9 – 11 Pacific / 12 – 2 pm Eastern.
TOPIC: What shift in consciousness do we need to help create a loving and just world within the web of life? What unique mission arises for each one of us?