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Education Action Groups

The EAN-EDU Branch has a flexible number of Action Groups, each with a specific purpose and focus that continues to evolve. They have the overall purpose of educating in order to deepen our understanding of our own consciousness, our relationships with other humans, and our interconnectedness with all other elements of our Earth home. They each have monthly, online Community Conversations that are open to everyone.

Conscious Living, Aging, and Dying (CLAD)

The CLAD Action Group addresses the final phase of life where we grow old (“aging”) and prepare for the end of life. As conscious elders, joined in the web of life with all beings, we recognize that conscious living is inextricably linked with conscious dying. Once we embrace our mortality and prepare for our death, we can truly enjoy and fully appreciate those years that we have yet to live. CLAD Community Conversations explore possibilities and identify priorities about how we choose to live and die during these declining years. For more details click HERE.

New Worldview (NW)

The New Worldview Action Group begins with the realization that we need to transition from our existing “industrial growth” society to a life-sustaining (“world community”) society committed to the healing and recovery of our rightful place in the world.  That is, we need a new story to guide how we live.  During our meetings we address what is that story and how is it informed by science and traditional wisdom. What does the story show us, how do we apply the lessons to our lives, and where do we find the resources to guide our actions? For more details click HERE.

Wisdom Council (WC)

The Wisdom Council Action Group creates facilitated processes that transcend old patterns of thinking to a new functioning way of grounded and inspired activism. We develop courses and retreats that are guided by the insights of indigenous cultures, classical traditions, feminine principles, and science, while remaining curious and open toward an emergent wisdom new to humanity. We do this via deep and empathic listening, encouraging all voices to be heard and to contribute to new pathways of change and growth.  For more details HERE.