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Pachamama Alliance

Game Changer Intensive

The Conscious Elders Network (CEN) and its Elders Engaged in Social Justice Team are whole heartedly endorsing the Pachamama Alliance’s Game Changer Intensive (GCI). The GCI is a self-directed seven-week online course designed to educate, inspire, and equip us to be pro-activist leaders, and game changers in our communities.

The Game is Rigged: It’s Time to Change the GameUntitled.png

The Game Changer Intensive is about both personal and planetary transformation: Who we need to be and what we need to do at this momentous time in human history. The Intensive catalyzes the inner work of transformation and aims to inspire and equip us to engage in effective collective action in the world.

This high quality seven-week course features videos, readings, and activities delivered through an online platform that also allows for small [CEN] group interaction in an online discussion forum. We will meet weekly with [our] small group of up to 12 participants who will be your learning partners throughout the course.”

Please Read This Information Before Registering

  • Time Commitment: The Game Changer Intensive will require about 3.5 hours of your time each week for seven weeks—a considerable investment on your part. Feedback from previous participants has us confident that you will find it worthwhile and a great use of your time!
  • Awakening the Dreamer Introductory Program  Awakening the Dreamer is Pachamama Alliance’s introductory program which provides the context and background information that lays the groundwork for the Game Changer Intensive. It also introduces you to the topics of sustainability, justice, and human fulfillment. Awakening the Dreamer is available as as a 2-hour self-guided Online Course. If you have not taken the Awakening the Dreamer, go ahead and register for the GCI using the form below.  We’ll send you details for how to take Awakening the Dreamer before the start of the course.
  • Internet Access: The Game Changer Intensive is an online course so participants must have broadband internet access to watch the videos, read the articles and participate in meetings.
  • Course Format: The title “Intensive” is apt: you and your small group mates will be engaged in an intense, uplifting, empowering course with some of the key issues of our time and will explore what can make the biggest difference at this time in history.
  • Coursework: The Intensive is divided into 7 modules, each of which includes selected videos and readings, as well as additional guided activities. These will take about 90 – 120 minutes per module, and get completed on your own time.
  • Online Discussion: You will also have an option to participate in structured, lively (written) discussion forums on the topics being presented, again on your own time. This could take an additional 20 minutes each week.
  • Weekly Conference Calls: In addition to the coursework, each week there will be a regularly scheduled telephone meeting with your small learning group. Time commitment: 75 minutes.
  • Live Community Gatherings: At the beginning and end of the course, the full Intensive learning community comes together for 90-minute webcasts.
  • Donation-based Tuition

The Game Changer Intensive has a unique approach to tuition: it is voluntary and is paid at the end of the course. Upon completion, you are requested to financially invest in the Intensive, selecting an amount that reflects the value you have received from the course and that has integrity with respect to your financial means. In case it helps, a $100 donation helps cover the costs of one participant!

Enroll in the Next Intensive by January 13th! The next Game Changer Intensive begins Janary 22nd

The next Game Changer Intensive begins January 22nd and the last day to enroll is January 13th. Please register here to be in a CEN discussion group. At the top of the form click on the drop down option and choose Conscious Elders Network as your small group, fill out the rest of the form and submit. If there are enough Conscious Elders Network attendees we can create a CEN small group for this intensive.

Untitled2.pngTestimonials from previous CEN participants…

“The GCI is a thoughtful and well organized course.  Well worth the time!  Although I had a good working knowledge of the issues the GCI deepened my understanding of the issues with resources that I have continued to use when speaking with others.  I especially enjoyed the weekly on line small group conversations.”

Lynne Iser
Founder of Elder Activists
Co-leader for CEN Elders Engaged in Social Justice Team (EESJ)

“I knew that the ‘political game’ was acutely rigged, but wasn’t clear on the depth and breadth. After the GCI I have clarity about what to do, and where to allocate my time and energy. I’m inspired and invigorated to work toward the tipping point for real change. An impressive program.”

Pam Nichols
Founder Arete International
Co-leader of CEN Conscious Living, Aging, Dying Team

“The Game Changer Initiative is most impressive in the sequential presentations it offers, the logic the organizers lead us through, and the sheer quality of each of its segments. Each session grabs us by our minds and hearts, leading us to understand how socially, politically and economically the “game” is rigged favoring the few. We, knowing this, can do something about it to transition to a fairer, safer, caring, sustainable society. It gives us two excellent ways to so engage – addressing the threats of climate disruption and the threat to our democracy caused by unlimited financial influence.”

               John Sorensen
Co-founder and Coordinating Director, CEN 

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