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founded, to inspire, educate and support those in the second half of life to become activists – using their resources and wisdom to create a world that is thriving and just for future generations. She facilitates symposiums for The Pachamama Alliance and uses the work of Joanna Macy to encourage people to reframe their understanding of our world and discover their power to create a healthier future. She learned the art of Sage-ing from Rabbi Zalman Schachter Shalomi, when they worked together to found the Spiritual Aging Institute, and she is now a faculty member of the Aleph Sage-ing Mentorship Project. She lives in Philadelphia with her partner, Mordechai Liebling; and, their family was the subject of the international award winning video Praying With Lior; which has succeeded in changing the way people with disabilities are received by faith communities.

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Lynne Iser