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Turning Point Journal request for Summer Issue Articles

An invitation to all writers and lovers of nature…

We have decided to devote each summer issue to the theme of “Earth Relations” and invite submissions from our CEN community of short personal essays (1000 words or less) and poetry that celebrate our regenerative encounters with the natural world.

Do you have a personal experience to share of:

  • a meaningful close encounter with a member of non-human species?
  • an experience of nature that reveals something of your greater nature back to you? Reflects your interior landscape in some way?
  • a relationship to a landscape or place that feels as significant to your identity and well-being as any other relationship in your life?
  • an encounter with the wild that broke your heart or was terrifyingly destructive, was unraveling and perhaps restorative at the same time?
  • a love letter or poem to a species, an element, a season(any) that is dear to you?
  • an experience of nature that helps inform and guide your journey into elderhood?

Please send your submission to Turning Point’s editor in chief, Joseph Jastrab by June 21st. All submissions will be thoughtfully reviewed by our editorial board though, because of space limitations, we cannot guarantee publication.